CD15 – the anniversary edition!

We are still basking in the afterglow of an absolutely brilliant festival celebrating our 15th birthday. I don’t think things could have gone any better and it is fair to say that it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

I am very proud of our achievement of lasting so long – from a humble little event in Bideford & Appledore to a much larger affair in a 3 star hotel in Torquay; what a long way we have come! We’ve had our ups and downs over the years but despite the nay-sayers and fierce competition we are still here and still going strong, with a unique brand that John and I carefully craft and nurture to ensure it stays the very special event that it is. We put our hearts and souls into Celebrating Dance and it rewards us every year without fail, with an amazing experience packed full of fabulous people, doing fabulous things.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part in CD15 – the Anniversary Edition.  From the simply brilliant Delegate Showcase on Friday evening, complete with a very well deserved standing ovation for Janai of Hipdrop for her outstandingly beautiful double veil number,  all the high standard workshops taught by an exceptional line-up of instructors and the fabulous performances in Saturday’s Gala Show, it was a truly wonderful experience that John & I will never forget.

Our thanks go to all our wonderful instructors:

Guest Stars – Hilde Cannoodt, Khalida, Queenie and Tara

Supporting Artists – Candi Bell, Rachel Bennett, Theresa & Mystical Fusion, Wendy Hughes & Topaz Tribal, Emma Pyke & Covert Bling and Vashti

Behind the scenes:

Our fabulous team of helpers who worked so tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure everything went smoothly:

Mary & Mike Daniels, Kathryn Goddard of Capture This Moment, Andrea & Alex Steeden-Crane, Nikki Livermore & John Sleiman.

Our traders – Brighton Orient, Whirling Dervish & Hipdrop for all the laughs as well as the incredible array of costumes and accessories they bring to tempt us with every year.

All our guest percussionists on both Friday and Saturday evenings.

The management and staff of the Toorak Hotel, who do a fantastic job looking after us every year.

and most importantly of all:
our wonderful delegates as we couldn’t do it without you!

I would also like to say a special thank you for the generosity of everyone who purchased some of Jan’s Jams, made by Rachel North’s very talented father in memory of Rachel’s mother. Your purchases and donations raised over £200 for Cancer Research!

We are already making plans for 2016 and hope to announce the names of our Guest Stars and some of our Supporting Artists very shortly. Watch this space for updates!


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