Just 6 days to go!

You’ve seen some video clips of our Guest Artists, now it’s time to see our UK teachers in action.

Emma Chapman

Emma wowed us all with this performance of Esmaooni at this year’s Shimmy in the City competition


Kitty Kohl

A lovely performance by Kitty at Bellydance Vaudeville


Nikki Livermore

Nikki in performance at the Malmesbury Vintage Show



Zafirah in performance at the London Fusion Show earlier this year



Our Guest Artists in performance!

Just a little something to whet your appetites in advance of next week – here are our Guest Artists in performance:







Sophie Armoza


Delegate Showcase – What Happens next?

This is how we process all the applications for our Delegate Showcase.

Before the festival

Once we have your application form you will be added to our list of submissions.

  • A couple of days after the final deadline we check all the submissions to be sure that we have the information needed for each entry and that any special requests have been noted.
  • We will acknowledge receipt of music by email – please make sure that you also bring a CD back-up.
  • Afra will then start to put together that all-important running order. 🙂

At the festival

  • The running order will displayed both in the festival office area and in prominent places in the Chatsworth Suite on the lower ground floor where the evening events take place.
  • When you check in at the festival office you will be asked to give your music to our sound technician or confirm with him that we received it electronically. Please make sure that you have your back-up CD with you just in case there’s a hitch – much quicker than running back to your room for it! 🙂
  • The Showcase starts promptly at 8.15pm with short breaks between each segment. Please make sure that you are ready to perform at least two numbers before your slot. Our stage manager will check to see that you are ready to go. If you aren’t ready please let her know and we will do our best to squeeze you in later on.
  • Kathryn, our photographer, will be taking photos of the performances and will also be available for portraits throughout the evening, so don’t forget to remain in costume after you perform if you or your group would like a portrait photo.
  • Videoing of performances – we are more than happy for you to arrange for someone to film your own number but please don’t film anyone else without their permission.
  • If you wish to take your own photos, please note that flash photography is strictly forbidden as it is very distracting for the dancers.
  • Last but not least – Have Fun! 🙂

Delegate Showcase – Final Shout!

Hi everyone,

If you haven’t already sent us your performance details you are running out of time! The deadline was 15th October but we are offering a 2-day extension to make sure that everyone gets their details to us in time.

At this stage we would prefer submissions by email. Download the application form by clicking here. You can type the details in and then click on the button at the top of the page to email it to us. Don’t forget to print a copy for your records!

We are currently working our way through all the submissions already received and will be creating the running order very shortly! Don’t panic if you’ve submitted by email and not had a confirmation – you should get one soon.

Any questions? Please let us know.

See you all soon!



Ticket and event information is winging its way out to everyone this week! We are emailing them first to everyone we have a current email address for and then all tickets will be posted as confirmation. The first batch has already been sent and the rest will be on their way very shortly.

If you haven’t received your ticket by early next week please get in touch and let us know:

By telephone – 07890 287153

By email – enquiries@celebratingdance.co.uk

See you all soon!


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