Workshop Update


Full Workshops

  • Ballet For Belly Dancers
  • Flamenco Fusion Choreography
  • Cheesy Veil
  • Swooshes, Sways & Arabesques
  • Turkish Roman

We have spaces in:

  • Jump!
  • Balance
  • Posing For Portraits
  • Oriental Dance – From Morocco to Asia (lecture)
  • Floorwork
  • Tarab Choreography


Full workshops

  • Layering
  • 8 to Infinity
  • Moroccan Folk Dance
  • Taqs, Hits & Pops

We have spaces in:

  • Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!
  • Go With The Flow
  • Finger Cymbals Choreography
  • Make Up & Styling
  • More Songs Every Dancer Should Know (lecture)
  • Khaleegy
  • Modern Legends
  • Feather Boa

We can offer some Sunday only tickets to local dancers.

£40 for workshops only or £45 if you want to include the Gala Show on Saturday night.

Please get in touch for more information – telephone 07890 287153 or email


Almost full!

Our residential spaces are almost sold out!

We have room for one more person, providing they are happy

to share a twin with someone who has already booked.

If you are interested, please give us a call on 07890 287153

There are still a few local places left but they are going fast.

Book now to avoid disappointment!

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